Faking the Third Trimester

If you were really pregnant, this would be your most challenging trimester. Thankfully, with a good fake pregnancy belly, the rest is easy to mimic.
Extra Weight
You are gaining even more weight. Demonstrate this by continuing to have a sore back, wearing clothes that make you look bigger and don’t forget about that baby bump! You can actually purchase fake baby bellies, or just make your own using cloth and padding. If people ask you how you are feeling, made remarks about how your “doctor said this is normal”.
Bigger Breasts
Your breasts become even bigger, sore and sensitive. They are literally 1 pound each by this point. Change your bra again, to a larger sports bra and fill it with padding.
Lack of Energy and Lethargy
The 3rd trimester is the most exhausting period of the whole pregnancy. You are carrying additional weight and are having to deal with constantly feeling exhausted. You will want to take frequent naps if you are around other people. Ensure that you also take frequent breaks at work. Make a habit of lying or sitting down and propping your feet up.
Frequent Urination
Boost the frequency of your bathroom breaks again when you are around people.
Use same tips we provided for the 2nd trimester. Drink plenty of water around people.
Most women experience this, especially in the 3rd trimester. You sleep is not as good as it once was and is often interrupted and sporadic. The most common nightmares that pregnant women experience are dreams of labor pain or losing your child. Talk to your loved ones about the bad dreams you seem to be experiencing and how you are unable to have a full night sleep.

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