Faking the Second Trimester

Now you can relax and pretend that you are feeling much better. The early symptoms like sickness and fatigue are disappearing. Most women say that this is the easiest time during pregnancy. This is the time that your baby grows fastest, and your belly too!
Frequent urination will stop during this period. You don’t have to constantly run to the bathroom again until you reach your 3rd trimester. You can’t forget to drink more water though, because if you’re in your 2nd trimester, you should be experiencing heartburn. This happens because of the progesterone produced which relaxes your muscles.
Breasts Are Still Growing
Your breasts are getting even bigger than they were in the 1st trimester, they are probably still feeling sore and sensitive. Putting even more napkins into your bra, and buying bigger or padded bra is the most cost effective way to fake it.
This is the most common symptom during the 2nd trimester. Keeping that in mind, continually massage your temples or make other indications that your head hurts and you are tired. Understandably, having a constant headache will probably leave you moody or angry, you can add that to the mix.
Baby Moving
It is quite normal that a woman will feel her baby moving inside her abdomen from 20 weeks. Saying loudly that “my baby just moved/kicked/squirmed” will be an activity that will be expected of you at this time.
Most women are experiencing a bigger appetite during their 2nd trimester and gain more weight. Show that you are always hungry. You don’t have to actually gain the weight, you can always say that you are controlling yourself because you have “gained too much weight already!!”
By saying this, people will look at you and think or say that you are crazy because you haven’t gained much. This act of misdirection refocuses your audience from your fake pregnancy to you worrying about your weight.
It is good to start wearing more conservative clothing that makes you look bigger. Try clothes with horizontal stripes, wide pants, bright colors like white or yellow, long skirts and so on.
Another reason you are going to want to dress conservatively is due to varicose veins. Women face these swollen blue veins during pregnancy, but they go away after the baby is born. Wearing pants and long skirts will hide your legs.
Buying new clothing is a fun time, and just think of how confused the store clerk will be when you ask them what clothes will make you look BIGGER.
Facial Skin
Some brown marks on the face can occur because of an increase in melanin levels. This is caused by those fluctuating hormones. Changing your current make up color to a darker shade will help you to hide darker areas which don’t exist. You will basically be pretending to hide your false dark marks with poor makeup techniques.
Your skin will also be more sensitive. Avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreen, and once again, change your clothing to be more conservative.
Your back is supporting more weight than it is accustomed to. Delegate all carrying duties for heavier things to other people. Avoid wearing shoes with high heels, since I have never seen a pregnant woman want to wear them. Above all else, don’t forget to show that this weight is causing you back pain whenever you stand up or walk. This is accomplished by grunting, walking stiffly, supporting your back with your hands and using heating pads or packs.

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