Faking the First Trimester

This is the time when you will experience hormonal and physical changes in your body. It is very difficult to notice that you are pregnant within the first 4 weeks. More noticeable sings of pregnancy occur during the 5-12 week period.
Let’s dive in and learn how to fake a pregnancy during its first trimester;
Nausea and Vomiting: The Most Recognizable Signs of Pregnancy
One of the first signs of pregnancy is nausea which leads to vomiting from time to time. Most women will go through this to some degree. When an actress is mimicking signs of pregnancy in a movie, you will often see her bent over a toilet, heaving or vomiting.
In order to simulate this common symptom of pregnancy, you can pretend you are sick and run to the bathroom. An added touch of dabbing water on your forehead and returning looking tired and low on energy will make for a convincing display. You will have to make sure to add vomiting sounds inside bathroom. Don’t forget to drink water when you return. Most people know that vomiting at pregnancy makes you dehydrated.
Normally nausea induced vomiting is experienced at 6-9 weeks. Vomiting occurs 2-3 times per day, usually after eating or drinking. Don’t overdue this and remember, nausea and feeling ill is natural even from the 1-2 week mark, but is more common at 6-9 weeks as previously stated.
Low Energy and Lethargy: Being Tired All the Time
Logically, growing a real human being inside of you is going to consume more energy than your body is used to. Don’t be extremely active. It is a better idea to show a lack of motivation. You are struggling to keep your energy up during your normal day to day activities.
Exhaustion is often teamed with a bad mood and irritability. Outwardly displaying being annoyed or showing a loss of patience is a nice touch. Remember to noticeably take rests and verbally state that you need to take a rest or sit down.
Urinating More Often
The need to pee more often will occur from the first week. It is very easy to simulate. Just visit bathroom 2-3 times more than your normal count. The increased need to urinate is caused because of increased blood supply to the pelvic area and it is absolutely normal.
Bigger Breasts
Breasts become bigger because of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. They become bigger, heavier and more sensitive. Some women even stretch or massage one or two breasts from time to time showing that it is uncomfortable. Padding your bra with napkins on the underside of your breasts will make them appear fuller and larger to the naked eye. Changing your bra to a sports bra will also make them look round and full while also giving the impression that you are trying to make your breasts more comfortable.
Regular Appointments
Telling people that you cannot make a meeting or have no time due to doctor’s appointments is a great way to convince people of your pregnant state. You can expect to have 1-2 visits per month until you reach 36 weeks, at which time you can expect at least a weekly visit.
Watch What You Ingest: Say No to Smoking and Alcohol
Stop drinking alcohol and smoking in front of other people. This is one of the most important things to do. You will make it appear that you are an expectant mother and have a life inside of you to care for.
Some other helpful tricks include:
1. Coughing when someone is smoking near you
2. Avoiding coffee, energy drinks and other stimulants
3. Avoiding junk foods
4. Noticeably reading food labels, demonstrating your concern for the quality
5. Avoid sushi and soft cheeses like brie

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