Avoid Mistakes Women Make Which Lead to Their Exposure

This is a comprehensive step-by-step plan designed to help you convince others that you will be having a real baby after 9 months. This guide is divided into sections, each one representing one of the three trimesters that your pregnant body will undergo.

Faking the First Trimester

This is the time when you will experience hormonal and physical changes in your body. It is very difficult to notice that you are pregnant within the first 4 weeks. More noticeable sings of pregnancy occur during the 5-12 week period. Let’s dive in and learn how to […]

Faking the Second Trimester

Now you can relax and pretend that you are feeling much better. The early symptoms like sickness and fatigue are disappearing. Most women say that this is the easiest time during pregnancy. This is the time that your baby grows fastest, and your belly too! Urination Frequent […]

Faking the Third Trimester

If you were really pregnant, this would be your most challenging trimester. Thankfully, with a good fake pregnancy belly, the rest is easy to mimic. Extra Weight You are gaining even more weight. Demonstrate this by continuing to have a sore back, wearing clothes that make you […]