Welcome to Silicone Belly Shop

Welcome to Silicone
Belly Shop

I am Darlene, better known as the “people person”. We are working to produce the best silicone bellies on the market. Funny story, I actually scared my last boyfriend with one of our bellies. I honestly believed he was going to have a heart attack!

We Helped More than
1000 Families

I am very happy to be part of this adventure and work with such a great team. There is nothing better than reading e-mails from happy couples who successfully faked all trimesters and achieved what they really wanted.

Best regards, Kristin

Yes, I Tried Them and They Fit

Yes, I Tried Them and
They Fit

My name is Alexander and I do product development. I know there are some photos floating around the office of me in each of our bellies, I’m sure they will eventually pop up.